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Welcome to my website on Ancient Egypt

To translate this page automatically into another European language click on this link, then scroll down to "website" near bottom of that page to select language you would like.

I will make an Arabic version of this website so written and spoken hieroglyph translations are in Arabic.

This website will show various aspects of my interest in Ancient Egypt. As I have worked with computers for many years, I have, I am pleased to say, been able to apply my abilities with computers to Egyptology, and will use this website to show some of what I have been able to do. I hope you find some of it interesting.

Talking Tomb Hieroglyph Translations and Displaying Them

Click to see and HEAR talking tomb HIEROGLYPHS

NEW!!!I am now working on a way for internet viewers to get a good idea of what it is like to use my full 3D virtual reality Egyptian tomb models, without having to download large files. This will make use of two computers, or a simpler version will use one computer and mirrors!! I hope to be able to do this quite soon, and will put news about it here.

Something I have recently created is a way of showing the translation of hieroglyphs, for example on a tomb wall painting, so that:-
1. The user selects the hieroglyphs with the mouse.
2. The translation appears at the bottom of the picture.
The translation is also SPOKEN, in as near as I can get to an Ancient Egyptian voice!
To see, and hear, this in action, click the link above.

Virtual Reality Computer Model of the Tomb of Seti I

I have been making a computer model of the tomb of the pharaoh Seti I in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor for about 10 years.
In the years that I have worked on this, computers and software has become more powerful, and better able to cope with such tasks. This, and my 10 years of work, have resulted, I am very pleased to say, in quite a sucessful model.
I am now able to combine the talking tomb feature described above, with my tomb model, so that as the visitors "walk" through the tomb, they can hear, and if they wish see, the translation of the hieroglyhs on the tomb walls and also on a model of the sarcophagus.
I intend putting my tomb model on the web soon, and will be giving more news about it on this website later.
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